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About Nastalgia:galloped over Rainbow Bridge 2013


when Nathaniel, son of my owner, was small i would let him ride around in the yard

First, let me introduce myself.

My name with the Arabian Horse Association  is Nastalgia. Everyone calls me Grey. I am a stallion. In the last few years beautiful flecks of chestnut have "fleabitten" my shining grey coat. I was born in 1985(that makes me 25 years old). My ancestry is Egyptian. In fact all my ancestors are egyptian bred. That means I am AlKhamsa. I favor Nazeer, as do each of the sires in the top line of my pedigree. More on that later. 
I don't get to condition any more because i have a bonespur with calcification on my knee. It makes me walk stiff legged.   

Nastalgia grazing
defined rear muscling

I was born in Miami, Florida on the Flick Farm. I moved to LakeWorth, Fl where I learned manners and patience. Patty,my owner, rode me for several years before purchasing me. We enjoyed 50 mile races and some competitive trail. We explored the cane fields of Pahokee and the dike of Lake Okeechobee. We rode the trails of state forests in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. A few years ago we moved to my farm in Tennessee. My owner after several years off from riding is actively pursueing endurance. I have arthritis in my knee now but before it got me slowed down here i am pulling a cart! I loved to trot fast and even gallop some. Presently i get around much more slowly but i still love the mares!

pulling tne cart

I have my own stall and paddock(an acre or so). I plan to be host to mares this season. [Send your photos]. My fees are reasonable.

A little romance......



To Call: (931) 766-3090

To Write:

Nastalgia C/O Patty Bass, 30 Lindsley Place, Lawrenceburg, TN. 38464

To Visit:
take Lawrenceburg exit off the Natchez Trace (Hwy 64) 5 miles east(toward Lawrenceburg) turn right on Piney Rd, 4 miles to Reed patch Rd,1mile to Lindsley Place1/2mile to my barn.